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Explore our Cadillac Selection of Luxury Crossovers and SUVs Today! Click to Visit Carter Cadillac!

Fleet Commercial Onstar Burnaby

Fleet Commercial Onstar Burnaby

Onstar keeps you safe and secure From roadside assistance to emergency services, OnStar has your front, back and everything in between. Not all emergencies are created equal. But no matter how big or small the problem, OnStar can be there to help. Out on the road, you are never alone. An OnStar Advisor is always there for you, ready to help.

Technology with a human touch

OnStar is a lot more than just having the latest technology in your vehicle. Onstar believes that no matter how far technology progresses, there’s no substitute for a human connection. That’s why when you push your blue OnStar button, you’ll be connected with a real human being who is ready to assist you. People are at the heart of everything Onstar does!

Onstar membership benefits include;

Navigational Assistance

  • With the click of a button, an OnStar advisor can send directions to your vehicle’s screen-based navigation system

Life’s emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. OnStar can help!

Locked Out

  • The doors are shut, the windows are up, your keys are lying on your front seat, and you have somewhere to be in 15 minutes. But don’t worry — every day, OnStar helps more than 1,600 drivers get their keys back after locking them inside their vehicle.

Vehicle Trouble

  • If you find yourself stranded due to a flat tire or empty gas tank, or just need assistance, OnStar can help. Just push your blue OnStar button for Roadside Assistance and an Advisor can connect with a local service provider, so you can get back on your way quickly and safely.

Protect Your Ride

  • OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance provides layers of protection to help deter thieves and recover your vehicle if it’s ever stolen. You can be notified when your vehicle’s alarm is triggered with Theft Alarm Notification. Once a police report has been made, OnStar can provide your stolen vehicle’s location to police. Remote Ignition Block™ can remotely block your ignition to prevent a thief from restarting your vehicle once it’s off, and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown allows an Advisor to send a signal to slow your vehicle once police confirm it’s appropriate to do so.

Find Your Way

  • Life goes in a lot of directions, but Turn-by-Turn Navigation can help you get where you’re going. Just push your blue OnStar button and ask an Advisor for directions — they can download directions right to your vehicle and a voice will call out every turn. The Advisor can also access a database of more than 14 million points of interest, and even navigate you to locations when you don’t have an address.

Medical Emergency

  • When the unexpected happens, an Emergency Medical Dispatch–certified OnStar Advisor is ready to help. Our specially trained Advisors can provide critical assistance and contact the appropriate emergency response, all with the push of a button. It doesn’t matter if it’s you, a passenger or another driver who needs help — OnStar can help.

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