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Explore our Cadillac Selection of Luxury Crossovers and SUVs Today! Click to Visit Carter Cadillac!

Oil Change Near Me Burnaby

Oil Change Near Me Burnaby

When our customer’s ask for an oil change near me, Carter GM provides regular oil changes in Burnaby that aid with improving the overall performance and fuel economy of their car, truck or SUV. Furthermore, it’s a proven simple and effective way to help reduce oil wastage and save you further expense down the road. Our factory Certified Service technicians are thoroughly trained and tested to understand how to monitor and measure your vehicle’s oil consumption.


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    Your vehicle’s engine has many moving parts which move against one another, that movement causes friction which in turn generates heat. Your vehicle’s oil not only lubricates the engine, but helps to also absorb the heat — allowing the internal components to work efficiency together while preventing overheating to occur!

    It’s worth noting that over time, the oil will begin to break down resulting in it’s inability to adequately lubricate the engine and retain heat. As part of your routine vehicle maintenance, we advise to have the oil in your engine changed and replenished before any major instances occur to your engine.

    Why does my vehicle need an oil change?

    Generally, it’s widely understood that over time, dirt particles can lead to the corrosion which could decrease the life of your vehicle’s engine (resulting in dirty oil that can lead to fuel wastage). As part of any sensible vehicle maintenance plan, scheduling regular oil and filter changes can help remove dirt particles and sludge build-up to keep your engine running cleanly and efficiently.

    Do I need to change my oil filters?

    • In order to protect your vehicle and the provide maximum benefit to your vehicle’s engine, Carter GM Burnaby suggests to change the oil filters during the time of a scheduled oil change – every 5,000 km or three months (whichever comes first).

    How does an oil filter work?

    • Your vehicle’s oil filer assists in the sifting and removal of dirty contaminants within the engine oil. A clean filter enables the flow of oil smoothly while trapping the solid contaminants (sludge), which prevents contamination to the engine. As the filter becomes full – both the oil and contaminants can return back into the engine where it could cause possible damage to your vehicle.

    Oil and Filter Maintenance Advice

    • As part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance we advise to have the motor oil changed regularly. It’s important to replace your vehicle’s dirty oil and filters which will enable the protection of your engine from premature wear.
    • Always use the recommended grade of vehicle oil found within your owner’s manual.
    • To learn more about the recommended oil change intervals for your vehicle you should reference your vehicle owner’s manual or consul your vehicle’s oil-life monitoring system.
    • Be sure to check your vehicle’s dipstick at fuel fill for levels and colour.
    • For the most accurate reading, always wait several minutes after turning off the engine to allow the oil some time to drain from the crankcase and into the oil pan.

    The next time you ask for an oil change near me, be sure to visit Carter GM for your vehicle’s next oil and filter change in Burnaby to receive the added value of our expertise, experience and assurance applied to your vehicle.

    Providing care and peace of mind for your vehicle, each time… every time! 

    For over 56 years Carter GM has remained committed to providing our customer’s with an unrivaled vehicle service and repair experience – providing our customer’s with the unparalleled level of experience, convenience and the affordability they desire!

    Do you have any questions about an oil and filter change in Burnaby? Great! To speak with a friendly service specialist, (no obligation) CALL NOW at: (604) 330-1344

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